Tsuwajijima Island

Tsuwajijima is the westernmost island in the Kutsuna islands and located on the border between Ehime , Yamaguchi and Hiroshima Prefectures.
Firm fleshed fish like flatfish, octopus and yellowtail, are landed by fisherman due to the powerful tidal current. This island attracts fishermen as a fishing spot. Citrus fruits and onions are also widely cultivated.
The monument of the teahouse for the Matsuyama feudal lords is located at the port and the teahouse was an important spot for the lords traveling to Edo (Tokyo) during Edo Period. Hatayama at 155m and hills offer a 360 panorama of the Seto Inland Sea and the magnificent view.

Memorial of Ochaya

“Ochaya” was established in the Edo period for the Matsuyama domain to welcome guests, such as Nagasaki Bugyou followed by shogunate government official and territorial lords in Saigoku. Yahara Sanoemon, a representative of feudal lord of Matsuyama, was stationed to welcome and accommodate guests. Tsuwaji port thrived as the only government guest house in Matsuyama domain.

Onions of Tsuwaji

Tsuwaji’s specialty onions are sweet and harvested during lower temperatures between winter and early spring. Until 1998, mikan was mainly grown, but the islanders started to put effort into growing very early harvested onions by making the most of the famous terraced fields. The transport maneuvers were formerly used to carry mikan, but they are currently used to carry onions. The cultivation total area of this small island is over 25 hectors, and the winter of Tsuwaji is said to be full of onions.

Cenotaph of the 21st transport vessel

“Cenotaph of the 21st transport vessel” is located a little further in Dougenji Temple. On August 9th 1945, the 21st transport vessel heading from Kure to Otsushima was attacked by an American fighter aircraft and had to make an emergency landing in Tsuwaji. This 21st transport vessel weighed 1800 tons and carried 230 crew men. The ammunition carried on the vessel caught on fire and exploded. Injured officers and men were taken to a classroom in an elementary school to receive first aid treatment. Unfortunately, 63 young precious lives were lost. The cenotaph is placed in a site by the beautiful ocean of Tsuwaji. A little further away from the Cenotaph of the 21st transport vessel is a “Peace Monument” in Odarumi beach. The children of Tsuwaji are taught to keep this precious place clean and to pray for peace.


Mitsuhama Port - Tsuwaji Port (1 hour 53 min)
Takahama Port - Tsuwaji Port (1 hour 38 min)
■High-Speed Boat
Takahama Port - Tsuwaji Port (54 min)
Ferry Information : Nakajia Kisen Co. Ltd.


There are accommodation facilities.