Kashima Island

Kashima Island is about 400 metres west of Hojo port and 1.5km in circumference. The island is covered with green forest and surrounded by wonderful natural environment.
The beauty of seasonal scenery can be experienced in different ways, whether by swimming at the 400 meter long white sand beach, taking a boat ride around an island, or taking in the view from a mountain-top observatory. This island was certified as a romantic date spot for young couples in 2014 by the project of “Lovers’ sacred spot Satellite”You can also see wild deer on the aptly named “Kashima (deer island)”. A tourist information centre, stores, museum and cafe are located on the island and you can enjoy local cuisine “Taimeshi (rice cooked with sea bream)” at Otaya.
Kashima was one of the bases of the Kono clan that was active in Setouchi Area in the Middle Ages, and you can still see the castle ruins on the mountain and an oar dance “Kaineri” performed at the spring and autumn festivals.

Kashima Island Forest

A beautiful woodland promenade at an altitude of 113.8 meters in Kashima Island, which is found on the west of Matsuyama City Hojo, is designated as the 59th spot of “88 walks in the forest of Ehime”. About 260 types of plants that favors warm climates grow on this island, especially plants of the laurel forest, such as Kuromatsu (Black Pine), Kusunoki (Camphor), Kakatsugayu and Nezumisashi (a type of Juniper). The trails of Kashima include the main trail, Yuna path, Kazehaya path, Kojika path, and Hazuma path. They are all suited for hiking and a walk through the forest. (Please be cautious of some parts of the path as they are dangerous)

Meotoiwa (Gyokuri・Kandojiima Island)

Gyokuri・Kandojima Island offshore of the west of Kashima Island of Hojo is called Futami of Iyo. You can see a magnificent sunset view there. Because of its resemblance to Futamimeoto Rock in Mie prefecture, this rock is sometimes called “Iyofutami” or “Meotoiwa”.

Deer of Kashima Island

As the Japanese name states, there are many deer inhabiting Kashima Island. Kyushu deer inhabiting Kashima Island are designated as a natural treasure of Ehime prefecture. You can see wild deer all around Kashima Island. However, Kyushu deer inhabiting Kashima Island are generally small, timid and cautious, so they tend to stay back and watch people. There are stalls that sell deer food to feed them in Kasono deer park.

Satellite approved lovers holy place “Kashima Island”

Due to the location of Kashima (Hojo) and the match making rock, Meotoiwa, “Lovers Holy Place Satellite” was approved as a romantic proposal site in October 2014.
On the observation platform, you will see “The Bell of Happiness”. It is said that ringing the bell with your partner while looking at Meotoiwa can fulfill love between each other. It has become the new standard dating location.

The observation platform

The observation platform is located on the mountain top of Kashima Island, which is on the west sea side of Hojo. The observation platform can be reached from two places: an entrance of a trail beside the camp site, and a spot close to the ferry landing. It takes about 20 minutes on foot to climb to the top (altitude 113.8 meters). Around the white observation platform, you will see volcanic rocks exposed on the mountain top. You will be able to experience a panoramic view of Hojo’s town scape, the blue ocean and many islands of Seto Inland Sea including Muzuki Island, Kokashima Island, Gyokuri and Kando Islands, where a Hojo Kashima Island Festival is held to replace a large sacred rope.


Houjyo Port - Kashima (3 min)
Takahama Port - Yura Port (10 min)
Ferry Information : Kashima Tosen


There are accommodation facilities, grocery stores and Café. Vending machines are located close to pier of the ferry port. Food for deer is available at the store “Watanabe Shoten”.