Nogutsunajima  Island

The smallest and easternmost island in the Kutsuna 7 Islands became famous from the film “Setono Shima (an Island of Seto Region). People of this island are dedicated to agriculture and fishery. Horse mackerel, black rockfish, mackerel and fat greenling are caught and citrus fruits are cultivated.
Sarayama observatory at 71.4m, where the location of the film was, offers you a magnificent landscape. There are also attractive sightseeing spots. ”Nukaba beach” isa very quiet place like your private beach. “Imokojima” and “Tanojima” is surrounded by abundant nature. “Maruyama Burial Mound” is designated as a natural monument of Matsuyama City. “Usa Hachimanguu” is the historical shrine of the island.
Feel the slow passage of island time and let this small paradise refresh you.

Sarayama Observation Platform

Sarayama Observation Platform is well known as the filming location of a movie released in 2003 called “Her Island, My Island”. The view from Sarayama Observation Platform (altitude 71.4 meters) is superb. A wooden promenade that leads to Sarayama Observation Platform from Nogutsunajima Island was repaired in 2002. A part of this wooden promenade is named after a character in the movie.

Nukaba Beach

This secret beach that not many people know about will open in early July. It is a well-equipped facility with a rest place, washrooms, showers, and camp sites.


There are 2 routes to Tomari Port and Takahama Port
Mitsuhama Port - Nogutsuna Port (1 hour 2 min)
Takahama Port - Nogutsuna Port (47 min)
■High-Speed Boat
Takahama Port -Nogutsuna Port (28 min)
Ferry Information : Nakajia Kisen Co. Ltd.


There is no accommodation facility but you are able to stay at a community centre if you make a reservation. There is a grocery store with irregular holidays. You are recommended to bring your own food. A vending machine is placed in the residential area.