Nakajima Island

The largest island is famous as a major producer of citrus fruit in Japan, called the “Island immersed in the smell of citrus fruit”. The mild Setouchi climate suits all the various citrus brand trees, Onsyu Mikan, Iyokan, Karamandarine, Beni Madonna, Setoka. Recently onion and lemon cultivation has been started. Get a taste of the local dining with fresh seafood and fish (black rockfish and sea bream) at some guesthouses. Enjoy cycling, swimming on the beautiful white sandy beach and experience making Benihuuki Black Tea.
“Nakajima Triathlon Tournament” held in summer is the biggest annual event. More than a thousand athletes and supporters visit this island.

Nakajima Island Triathlon

Starting in 1986, Nakajima Island Triathlon is famous and one of the most popular triathlons in Japan. It is a two day triathlon held in late August every year. Nakajima Island Triathlon is the biggest event of the island supported by islanders, participants and their families.

Yoroikakematsu (The Armor Hanging Pine Tree)

In 1185, on the way to Dan-no-Ura, the chief of Genji, Minamoto No Yoshitsune, defeated Heike in the Battle of Yashima, and landed on Himegahama beach of Nakajima Island. When Yoshitsune landed on Himegahama beach, he took off his armor and hung it on a pine tree that was beside him. The pine tree, with a root circumference of 4.3 meters, felt Yoshitsune’s authority and grew its branches to the side instead of upward. The branches of this pine tree projected 10 meters to its side in all directions, creating a beautiful umbrella shape. Because of how the branches grow, this tree is called the “Armor Hanging Pine Tree” or Yoroikakematsu in Japanese. Yoroikakematsu was designated as a natural monument of Ehime prefecture in 1948; however, it died in 1973 unfortunately. Currently, the second generation of the original pine tree grown in Himegahama beach is transferred, and the third generation is growing well behind the parking lot of the city hall.

Himegahama beach

Himegahama beach is on the south side of Nakajima Island near Nagashi port. Himegahama beach is a beautiful shore with a promenade, an approximately 500 meter white sand beach, clear blue sea and magnificent scenery of many islands. There are well prepared facilities surrounding Himegahama beach, such as guest houses (all year or limited time), washrooms, showers and dressing rooms.

The Castle

There is a gigantic rock named “The Castle” on the west side of Nakajima Island. Usually people cannot get close to the rock except at low tide. A path will appear at low tide, making it possible to walk across to The Castle. Not many detailed historical sources of this gigantic rock exist; however, there is a description of 能磯城 recorded in “Kutsunajima Development Document”. It states that the Kutsuna navy have once used this能磯城as “The Castle”. The size of this rock is overwhelming up close, and the land side is an excellent location to watch the beautiful sun set.

Reminiscence Hall

The Matsuyama City Nakajima Island Museum of History and Folklore Reminiscence Hall is located in the precinct of Shoukenji Temple in Kumada community on the west shore of Nakajima Island. The Reminiscence Hall consists of a private house, a ware house, and storage made of Japanese style single-story wooden building, which were all relocated from Uwama community on the island and reconstructed. About 3000 daily necessaries related to history, entertainment, folklore, industry and living, such as farm tools, fishing tools, commodities that were actually used on the island are maintained and displayed in the building. There are also displays of spirit lamps that lit the night on the island, masks used during festivals, and advertisements of the past.
The administrator will teach the history, usage, and purpose of these daily necessaries in order for the visitors to understand the lives of the islanders. Since there are no scheduled holidays, a notice in advance is required for visitors.


2 routes in operation to Tomari Port and Takahama Port
Mitsuhama Port - Ooura Port (1 hour 15 min)
Mitsuhama Port - Kounoura Port (1 hour 7 min)
Takahama Port - Ooura Port (1 hour)
Takahama Port - Kounoura Port (52 min)
■High-Speed Boat
Takahama Port - Ooura Port (30 min)
Takahama Port - Kounoura Port (26 min)
Ferry Information : Nakajima Kisen Co. Ltd.


There are a few accommodation facilities, grocery stores.There are resort facilities that fused hostel ,cafe and relaxation. A vending machine is placed in the residential area.