Futagamijima Island

Futagamijima Island is a paradise island where the beauty of traditional Japan still remains. In May 1972, Futagamijima Island was famous for a 26-page article in the world renowned “National Geographic Magazine”. The island was called “Matsushima (pine tree island)” before because the large number of pine trees there.
In the 14th century a group of the Toyota Clan moved to this island and they were named the Futagami Clan. There is a grave of the Futagami Family with a history of 600-years on the mountain behind “Anyouji Temple”
Ararega Beach is a shingle beach which is relatively rare in the Seto Inland Sea. There are attractive sightseeing spots with magnificent natural scenery. It’s also known for its high quality seafood treasures.

Natural habitat for Junipers

It is rare that a large amount of plant colonies form within Ehime prefecture. As a result, this site was designated as a natural monument of Ehime on November 24th 1927. The plant colony of juniper is worth seeing. Dozens of junipers live in a cluster on a rocky mountain called Shiro no Yama. The naturally gown junipers range in size from a root circumference of five meters, tree height of 21 meters and an estimate tree age of 300 years to small trees that only reach a meter.

Usahachiman Shrine

Usahachiman Shrine, constructed in 1094, is located on top of a small hill, and enshrines 3 gods including Emperor Oujin. The 170 steps of stairs that lead to the shrine are enveloped in a dense bamboo forest and interweaved trees. The natural art of this path gives off a mysterious atmosphere.

Arare beach

Arare beach is one of the rare pebbled beaches of Seto Inland Sea. Pebbles of all sizes get washed up by the waves and let out a soothing sound. Many islands, such as Yurijima Island and Nuwajima Island, can be seen from Arare beach.


Mitsuhama Port - Futagami Port (1 hour 33 min)
Takahama Port - Futagami Port (1 hour 18 min)
■High-Speed Boat
Takahama Port - Futagami Port (1 hour)
Ferry Information : Nakajia Kisen Co. Ltd.


There is a grocery store but with limited selection and irregular holidays.
You are recommended to bring your own food.
2 vending machines are located on the main street of the resident area.