The Kutsuna Islands are citrus islands

The Kutsuna Islands have a long standing tradition of over a hundred years in citrus growing. Through the improvement of cultivation, production cycle and sales system over the years they have grown to be a famous brand in Japan.
A mild climate, low precipitation, high levels of sunlight, well-drained soil and mineral-rich see breezes, all provide an outstanding natural environment for citrus cultivation.
Currently dozens of varieties of citrus are produced on the Kutsuna islands. New varieties are constantly being developed to meet the ever changing demands of the next generation of consumers.

The Kutsuna Islands are a treasure trove for seafood

The Kutsuna Islands are immersed in the perfect environment of Seto Inland Sea for fish and other seafood. Visitors are attracted by the natural sea bream, horse mackerel, sea urchin and “Hijiki” sea weed. A large part of the appeal is that they all represent a long tradition of the island people living and working in harmony with nature.

Experience the warm hospitality of island dining

Island traditional cuisine is an intimate experience featuring various fresh island foods and local favourites. Get the wonderful taste of the traditional cuisine and be treated with warm hospitality and thoughtfulness throughout the meal.